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The 2022 HIPC Program is carried out by 8 centers located across the US that study immune perturbations in well-characterized human cohorts using a variety of assays including genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics and immune receptor repertoire sequencing.

Benaroya Research Institute

Grant title: Acute Respiratory Infections in Asthma and Autoimmunity (ARIAA)

Grant number: 1U19AI167891

Lead institution: Benaroya Research Institute

Center PI(s): Matthew C Altman, MD, MPhil; Carmen Mikacenic, MD

The HIPC study at Benaroya Research Institute, titled Acute Respiratory Infections in Asthma and Autoimmunity (ARIAA), is investigating the airway and systemic immune pathogenesis of acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI) in children and adults. The goal of this research program …

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Columbia University

Grant title: Human anti-viral immune responses in tissues and circulation

Grant number: 2U19AI128949

Lead institution: Columbia University

Center PI(s): Donna Farber and Peter Sims

Human immune responses to viral infection and vaccination engage a complex, multi-scale system involving numerous diverse cellular populations residing in and circulating between tissues. The Columbia HIPC Center has established a framework for human immunology studies that includes a unique …

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Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Grant title: Viral immunity and vaccination (VIVA) human immunology project consortium (HIPC)

Grant number: 1U19AI168631

Lead institution: Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Center PI(s): Ana Fernandez-Sesma and Viviana Simon

The Viral Immunity and Vaccination (VIVA) Human Immunology Project Consortium (HIPC) will carry out a comprehensive systems immunology program to assess the dynamic human immune response to SARS-CoV-2, seasonal influenza viruses and tetravalent and trivalent dengue vaccines and subsequent infections …

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La Jolla Institute for Immunology

Grant title: Respiratory pathogen-specific T cell signatures following vaccination, natural infection, and treatment

Grant number: 2U19AI118626

Lead institution: La Jolla Institute for Immunology

Center PI(s): Dr. Alessandro Sette, DrBiolSci

The La Jolla HIPC team will focus on pathogens causing infectious diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract that lead to substantial mortality and morbidity. Our approach is unique and innovative, as it focuses on defining immune signatures (IMS) …

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital

Grant title: Maternal ‘Omics to Maximize Immunity (MOMi)

Grant number: 1U19AI167899

Lead institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital

Center PI(s): Prof. Douglas Lauffenburger, Dr. Andrea Edlow, Dr. Michal Elovitz, Dr. Boris Juelg

From the moment of fertilization to birth, the maternal immune system evolves, adapts, and supports the growth of a fetal allograft that ultimately perpetuates the human race. Immunological changes throughout a pregnancy play a key deterministic role in the success …

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Seattle Children’s Research Institute

Grant title: Immune Responses to Malaria, HIV and SARS-CoV-2 Infection and Immunization

Grant number: 2U19AI128914

Lead institution: Seattle Children’s Research Institute

Center PI(s): Kenneth D. Stuart

Malaria, HIV/AIDS, and Covid are three of the most devastating infectious diseases, impacting millions of people world-wide. Effective vaccines against the pathogens that cause these diseases (HIV, SARS-CoV-2 and Plasmodium falciparum) have proven elusive and/or affected by pathogen variation …

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Grant title: Systems biological assessment of innate and adaptive immunity to vaccination

Grant number: 1U19AI167903

Lead institution: Stanford

Center PI(s): Dr. Bali Pulendran

In the current proposal we will use a systems vaccinology approach to address two fundamental issues in vaccinology. The first issue concerns the immunology of COVID-19 vaccines, which utilize novel platforms (mRNA) or adjuvants (Matrix M used in the Novavax …

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Yale School of Medicine

Grant title: Immune signatures of vaccine responses in vulnerable populations

Grant number: 2U19AI089992

Lead institution: Yale School of Medicine

Center PI(s): Ruth Montgomery and David Hafler

We propose a deep interrogation and a systems approach that will identify molecular signatures to vaccination across three cohorts of vulnerable patient populations: autoimmune patients with B cell depletion, aged and frail individuals, and patients with sickle cell disease who …

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