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Columbia University (40)
HIPC 2 (2015) (352)
HIPC 3 (2022) (68)
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (7)
La Jolla Institute for Immunology (46)
Massachusetts Institute of technology (4)
Seattle Children's Research Institute (12)
Stanford (25)
Yale University (19)

Adaptive Immunity (13) - MeSH
adjuvant (8)
Aging (18) - MeSH
Antibodies (7) - MeSH
Antibodies, Neutralizing (5) - MeSH
antibody (9)
Autoimmunity (7) - MeSH
B cells (12)
BBIBP-CorV (4)
bioinformatics (5)
CD4 T cells (6)
CD8 T cells (5)
Child (4) - MeSH
Communicable Diseases (8) - MeSH
Coronavirus (4) - MeSH
COVID-19 (22) - MeSH
CyTOF (4)
Dendritic Cells (8) - MeSH
Dengue (4) - MeSH
Dengue Virus (4) - MeSH
Epitopes, T-Lymphocyte (4) - MeSH
Flow Cytometry (7) - MeSH
Gene Expression (9) - MeSH
Gene Expression Profiling (5) - MeSH
Genomics (4) - MeSH
Herpes Zoster (4) - MeSH
human immunology (5)
Humans (10) - MeSH
Immunity (21) - MeSH
Immunity, Humoral (4) - MeSH
Immunity, Innate (10) - MeSH
Immunology (23)
Immunosenescence (8) - MeSH
Inflammation (8) - MeSH
Influenza, Human (17) - MeSH
Influenza Vaccines (16) - MeSH
Killer Cells, Natural (4) - MeSH
Machine Learning (5) - MeSH
Macrophages (5) - MeSH
Malaria (4) - MeSH
mass cytometry (7)
Metabolomics (6) - MeSH
Monocytes (12) - MeSH
plasmablast (4)
Pregnancy (5) - MeSH
SARS-CoV-2 (17) - MeSH
scRNA-seq (5)
single cell (4)
single-cell RNA-Seq (5)
single-cell RNA sequencing (9)
Sputnik V (5)
systems immunology (7)
Systems vaccinology (6)
Systems Biology (20) - MeSH
T cells (13)
T-Lymphocytes (5) - MeSH
Transcriptome (4) - MeSH
transcriptomics (11)
Vaccination (14) - MeSH
Vaccines (32) - MeSH
West Nile virus (12) - MeSH
Zika Virus (5) - MeSH
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Hillman H, Khan N, Singhania A, Dubelko P, Soldevila F, Tippalagama R, DeSilva AD, Gunasena B, Perera J, Scriba TJ, Ontong C, Fisher M, Luabeya A, Taplitz R, Seumois G, Vijayanand P, Hedrick CC, Peters B, Burel JG
Frontiers in immunology. Jan. 31, 2023
PMID: 36713384
Flow Cytometry
HIPC 3 (2022)
immune signatures
La Jolla Institute for Immunology
transcriptomics (RNA-Seq)
Poon MML, Caron DP, Wang Z, Wells SB, Chen D, Meng W, Szabo PA, Lam N, Kubota M, Matsumoto R, Rahman A, Luning Prak ET, Shen Y, Sims PA, Farber DL
Nature immunology. Jan. 20, 2023
PMID: 36658238
Columbia University
HIPC 3 (2022)
Konstorum A, Mohanty S, Zhao Y, Melillo A, Vander Wyk B, Nelson A, Tsang S, Blevins TP, Belshe RB, Chawla DG, Rondina MT, Gill TM, Montgomery RR, Allore HG, Kleinstein SH, Shaw AC
Aging cell. Jan. 20, 2023
PMID: 36656789
age-specific immunity
Blood Platelets
Flow Cytometry
HIPC 3 (2022)
tensor decomposition
Yale University
Shook LL, Edlow AG
Obstetrics and gynecology. Jan. 18, 2023
PMID: 36649326
HIPC 3 (2022)
Massachusetts Institute of technology
Duffy FJ, Hertoghs N, Du Y, Neal ML, Oyong D, McDermott S, Minkah N, Carnes J, Schwedhelm KV, McElrath MJ, De Rosa SC, Newell E, Aitchison JD, Stuart K
Frontiers in immunology. Jan. 3, 2023
PMID: 36591224
high parameter flow cytometry
HIPC 3 (2022)
radiation-attenuated sporozoites
Seattle Children's Research Institute
serum antibody profiling
systems immunology
whole blood transcriptional profiling
Boada P, Fatou B, Belperron AA, Sigdel TK, Smolen KK, Wurie Z, Levy O, Ronca SE, Murray KO, Liberto JM, Rashmi P, Kerwin M, Montgomery RR, Bockenstedt LK, Steen H, Sarwal MM
Frontiers in immunology. Dec. 27, 2022
PMID: 36569838
Acute-Phase Reaction
Asymptomatic Infections
HIPC 3 (2022)
Immune System
localized and disseminated stage
longitudinal analysis
Lyme Disease
serum proteomics
West Nile virus
Yale University
Rao AM, Popper SJ, Gupta S, Davong V, Vaidya K, Chanthongthip A, Dittrich S, Robinson MT, Vongsouvath M, Mayxay M, Nawtaisong P, Karmacharya B, Thair SA, Bogoch I, Sweeney TE, Newton PN, Andrews JR, Relman DA, Khatri P
Cell reports. Medicine. Dec. 22, 2022
PMID: 36543117
antimicrobial resistance
bacterial vs. viral diagnosis
Gene Expression
Global Health
HIPC 3 (2022)
host response
infectious disease diagnosis
Point-of-Care Testing
Public Health
Arunachalam PS, Lai L, Samaha H, Feng Y, Hu M, Hui HS, Wali B, Ellis M, Huerta C, Bechnack K, Bechnack S, Lee M, Litvack M, Losada C, Grifoni A, Sette A, Zarnitsyna VI, Rouphael N, Suthar MS, Pulendran B
medRxiv : the preprint server for health sciences. Dec. 10, 2022
PMID: 36482977
HIPC 3 (2022)
Palin AC, Alter G, Crotty S, Ellebedy AH, Lane MC, Lee FE, Locci M, Malaspina A, Mallia C, McElrath MJ, Pulendran B, Singh A, D'Souza MP
Nature immunology. Dec. 2, 2022
PMID: 36456737
HIPC 3 (2022)
Leggat DJ, Cohen KW, Willis JR, Fulp WJ, deCamp AC, Kalyuzhniy O, Cottrell CA, Menis S, Finak G, Ballweber-Fleming L, Srikanth A, Plyler JR, Schiffner T, Liguori A, Rahaman F, Lombardo A, Philiponis V, Whaley RE, Seese A, Brand J, Ruppel AM, Hoyland W, Yates NL, Williams LD, Greene K, ...
Science (New York, N.Y.). Dec. 2, 2022
PMID: 36454825
HIPC 3 (2022)
Seattle Children's Research Institute
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